Friday, 3 July 2015

Holiday Challenge!!!

After some great Oral Language discussions today around the question "What is one thing you use everyday but don't need" a lot of Room 10 said they don't really neeeeed their technology (i.e. iPads, tablets, iPods,   x -boxes etc).  So Mrs Clark posed a challenge to them!  
CHALLENGE:  How many of you can go 7 days without you extra technology (excluding TVs - I'm not that mean :) )

Comment on this post and let me know how you got on.  Or better yet ask your parents to comment and let me know how you managed!  I look forward to reading them while I'm soaking up some sunshine and seeing what you did instead!!  Happy Holiday Challenge!!  


  1. Hi
    Great Challenge I would not last that
    long but maybe 4 days if that
    From Caitlin

    1. Ha Caitlin I last 7 days ( not to brag )

  2. I could never do 7 days but mayby 3 days. WOW thats a long time


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