Friday, 11 March 2016

Fantastic Friday Awards Week 6

This week we received awards for: 
Deklan - working hard
Kash - your effort in numeracy
Luke - positive attitude
Rikki Lee - doubling and halving 
Katelin R - focused and independent numeracy
Jayden - numeracy learning

We also received our letters for Grey District swimming! 

Kaede and Ella received a 'take the cake' nomination for being kind to a classmate. The cupcake was beautiful!

AND we received books that we won in the Summer Reading Challenge. We have some awesome new books. 

Woo hoo! Excellence!


  1. Hi Mamaku
    We are Team Awa. We are a group of Year 3 and 4 students from Ohaeawai school, in Northland, which is towards the top of the North Island. We notice you have lots of numeracy stars in your team. What are you learning about in Maths?

  2. Hi I really liked how you all worked hard towards getting award assemble. When you got your award it reminded me of getting award.Mand be next time you could work harder so you get more awards.How did it feel when you got your award?


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