Friday, 29 July 2016

Week 1 Superstars

Congratulations to Isaiah, Cruz and Larissa on their awards this week and also check out all the awesome attendees with their "everyday matters" wrist bands. Wahoo over 95% attendance!!  Great job team!!


  1. Hello room 10,I like your awesome work.I also like your cool photos because I like the part when you look like your proud of you self and saying ye.

  2. Hello,Room 10

    First i well done to Isaiah, Cruz and Larissa you guys must of love going to school.Great wrist bands you have at my school we have wrist band for 60 Dojo point.
    From Fehi

  3. Hello room 10,I like your amazing work.welldone to you guys and a really like your restbands our school is just like yours we have a hayparkschool PB4L it is only if you have 60 greentickets


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