Saturday, 14 April 2018

End of a Term 1

What a fantastic way to end what’s been a very busy term!  Between cyclones, camps, swimming sports and Easter we have managed to fit it a bit of learning too!!  Roll on term 2 where we have for ngers cross d for minimal interruptions 😊 


  1. Kia Ora Its Maya here I just wanted to say thank you Mrs Clark and Mrs P for taking us swimming. This day was so much fun Me and Summer we had a blast of a time i really like how you made a collage and put me and summer in it. next time it would be funny if you did a big BIG BOM in the pool. I have a question for you ? why don't you ever hop in the pool? you should next time. Go cheek out my blog to keep up to date

    By Maya

  2. Kia ora. My name is Harry from Owairaka Primary School. It looks like your having so much fun in that water. What pool did you guys go to? & how cold was the water. I hope you keep on blogging.
    If you want to check out my blog then click the link below.
    Blog ya later.

  3. Hi my name is Abel from Owairaka School. I like your photo of your class at the pools. Was it fun to splash around like a water baby? I know I am! I love the water.
    Do you love the water. BY ABEL Room 23
    Check out my blog

  4. Hi my name is Aaliyah and last week my class just finished our swimming. how long have you been swimming for last term? my class has been swimming for three weeks this term. Where about's do you swim. I swim at the GI pools.

  5. Hi my name is john and I go to pt England school at GI. Yous guys look like your doing some fun things at your guys is school

  6. hi my name is kahurangi and i am from pt England school my class just finished swimming it was cool we got free google s we got to do handstands and races it was the funniest thing in school. when did u guys start swimming text back if u know but only if u read this comment.

  7. hi my name Casshius and i am from pt England school. what pools do you guys go to
    Because we got to go swimming we dont anymore because we finished.

  8. hello my name is Heimata i go to POint England school im in room 9&10 what is your favourite activity to do in the pools

  9. Hi, my name is Joyce. I go to Owiaraka School. It looks like you guys are great swimmers. I was wondering how long can you swim from the start to the end? If you would like to visit my blog here is the link:

  10. Kia Ora M1

    I really like the way you have taken the class swimming.It is really cool to see that.I hope you enjoyed your swimming.

    Great job.

  11. Hi, My name Taimalie, I'm from ODS Rm 23. I love the way that you guys went swimming at the wave pool. We have been to the wave pool last year! It was a lots of fun! I think you guys have a lots of fun too!
    If you like to visit my blog visit
    Blog ya later bye!


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