Thursday, 17 May 2018

Winnie the Witch

If you get a chance pop on in and check out Mamaku Hubs Book Character Door/whole class! It looks amazing. The kids have put their heart and soul into it! So proud of them!! 


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  2. Your class is looking AMAZING. It is great that I can see your environment through the photos on your class blog. It looks like you have been super creative and arty - great work! Is Winnie the Witch a story? I haven't heard of that character.

  3. Hi my name is Kesaia and I go to Pt England school. I like the tree that you made. Check out my blog at

  4. Hello my name is Simon, I'm from Pt England school. I agree your class looks AMAZING! Like I would rate your class a 100-10 because it is so Flawless! Winnie the Witch sounds like the witch from I think Hansel and Gretel Story. If that tree was edible I would eat it all but then sleep and tell someone to carry me home because I am lazy. Well that is really creative! Your teachers and family must be really really proud. I wish you could teach me but that is impossible :( Maybe in the future you know! Well not really in the future. I would be playing games at my home and being at school. Hope you make more amazing art! Also check out my blog!

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    1. Hi Simon
      Your comment is amazing and lots of detail and it even reminds you of something! and I like how you shared your personal feelings in your comment and thanks for the amazing rating I love it! I also like how you used the word flawless its a pretty cool word you know and I like when you write you use your Imagination! Also Check out my blog too!

    2. Kia ora Simon I go to Grey Main school I am in Mamaku 1 thanks for the comment is was hard but worth it my class won a prize for it.
      I also hope we do more amazing art because I love being apart of some amazing. Dose you class do COOL art?

      Good bye from Angelina

  5. Hi Simon i'm from Grey Main School your comment are lovely lots of interesting words and much more its pretty cool and art is my favourite thing to do sometimes at home because i have nothing to do at home so i draw, painting and art and by the way my name is Neisha and i am in Mamaku 1 and nice to see you comment our art in grey main school i hope you comment like this again sometimes. DO YOU LOVE ART?

  6. Kia Ora Mamaku 1

    I really like the way you have designed your wall. Maybe next time you could tell us what mete rail you used to make your door.

    Great job M1!!!

  7. Hi, my name is Kingston I am from Owairaka School. I like the picture you've made. The thing I like the most is the tree. That looks really good. Is that birds on the tree? Come check my blog out blog you later.

  8. Hi my name is Joyce, and I really like your art. I go to Owairaka school.
    The Tree is big, as big as my Dad. The owl up there is really cute. If you will like to see by blog here is the Link blog you later

  9. Kia ora Its Morgan here from T2. I think that looks amazing I like ho w you got every detail even the cat and the birds. It also stands out. Why is Wilbur red? e noho ra (bye).


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